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Jason Ehrlich, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer & Chief Development Officer speaks for Kodiak Sciences during the Innovative Showcase at [email protected] 2019. REGISTER for our next ophthalmology conference today http://bit.ly/2yFA6cv.

Jason Ehrlich, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer & Chief Development Officer, introduces Kodiak, an ophthalmology-focused company in Palo Alto, CA. Their mission is to become a leading ophthalmology medicines company, leveraging unique science based on phosphorylcholine biopolymers to develop best in class medicines for key causes of vision loss. He said it’s frustrating that clinical results in the use of intravitreal anti-VEGF are not realized in the real world. The reasons for this are that the current therapies don’t last long enough in the eye, which results in a difficult to maintain treatment burden, and under-treatment leads to disease progression. Kodiak is designing and developing antibody biopolymer conjugates (ABCs), for increased durability and efficacy. They take an antibody, and covalently link it to a unique custom-build 9-arm biopolymer out of phosphorylcholine, which has exciting biophysical properties. Kodiak is developing a pipeline of these ABCs, monoclonal ABCs where one molecule hits one target, bispecific ABCs, where one molecule hits two targets, and triplet ABCs, where 1 molecule hits three targets. A phase 1b study of their drug KSI-301 is nearing completion of enrollment, and a soon-to-begin phase 2 study (DAZZLE) will put KSI-301 head to head against aflibercept.

This presentation takes place at [email protected] at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago on July 25, 2019.

Download the presentation here: https://ois.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/[email protected]



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